If I ever want to shoot a really flat load then I would likely shoot 130grain bullets with a different powder. A: Ive compared the maximum velocities of the two cartridges as shown in various reloading manuals and it appears that the .270 WSM has about a 150 fps velocity advantage over the venerable .270 Winchester when both are fired in barrels of the same length. But the Superformance that is sold with Hodgy's name on it, was geared around the 30-06 cartridge. All my load development for this powder is in modern bolt action rifles. I know the Superformance powder is a ball type powder but it is supposed to be coated to maintain consistent velocities throughout realistic temperature ranges and perform like their Extreme powders. I have found tons of data for the 300 WSM and Superformance but none for the 270 WSM. Although this experimenting is fun, one does it at his/her own risk. Each week the Schearer family will hunt with a variety of weapons from archery, muzzleloader and shotgun to centerfire rifles and will not only focus on the hunt, but will be filled with educational tips to make the viewers better sportsmen and sportswomen. (The word portatives ("portable") in the name refers to the fact the C.I.P. Whats left of a recovered 150 Gr. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. The factory load averaged 2721 fps muzzle velocity. No reviews found. A: I've compared the maximum velocities of the two cartridges as shown in various reloading manuals and it appears that the .270 WSM has about a 150 fps velocity advantage over the venerable .270 Winchester when both are fired in barrels of the same length. For the .270, today I tested 130 grain TSX bullet in once fired full length sized Federal brass using 58 gr of Superformance and Federal 215M primers. 2010 Elk Hunt 5x5 Bull with X-Bolt 270 WSM. In fact, Jake has compiled more wins than any other Shooter in the United States at national level Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League events during that span. Rifle Data. The desire to know, when, how, and if he should take these shots along with an unquenched thirst for competition, lead Brian to shoot precision rifle events. Zach, a resident of McCook, Nebraska, started shooting trap and hunting when he was 10. Share your experiences with other customers. Diannas also won the 2015 NRA World Shooting Championship Ladies title. Their chart also showed some of the IMR and Reloader powders to be the worst with some more than 100 fps difference due to temps. I have some IMR 4831 and some H4831sc but I would really love to shoot the same powder in both WSM's if at all possible. The terrain in Southern Idaho often requires a hunter to be able to take shots at 400 yards and well beyond. Likely it . In 1999, George opened GA Precision after apprenticing with three gunsmiths. The Official Predator Masters Search Engine. There's data for 300wsm but not the 270WSM. Ambient temp was 45 degrees F. Bottom line, Superformance achieves superb velocities in the .270 Win that are very close to those seen in .270 WSM Barnes Vortex ammo. There isnt much difference in the trajectory of their bullets. Because this propellant is tailored for specific applications, the number of . could you provide data please? I still can't believe the velocity my 270 win gets with Superformance, I have chrono the load a couple of times and they still run at around the 3130 fps. Ambient temp 74 degrees F. Case OAL was 3.202 in. Hornady Superformance SST Rifle Ammunition 20 Round Box. $430.00 Private User. increments, watching closely for preasure signs. Rifle Data. New customer? If one wants to try this, be sure to have reliable published load data for the cartridge in question and check all the numbers yourself. Typical Buck . It will safely duplicate and often exceed the .270's original ballistics. He has also put together the first online Precision Rifle Training series of its kind, gaining viewers from all over the world on the JC Steel Targets website. In 2016, Phillip was nominated for Scout Sniper Instructor of the Year for his meticulous instruction that resulted in institutional changes in the training of Marine Scout Snipers in both formal schools and unit level training. Growing up on a secluded farm in rural southeast Kansas, Ryan spent the greater part of his childhood in the woods, plinking and hunting. Dies. A licensed Montana Professional Outfitter and Guide freelance writer, his articles and photographs have been featured in magazines including Outdoor Life, American Hunter, American Rifleman, Field and Stream. As of 2014, Ryan and Dianna have become full time hunters and competitors, focusing most predominately on 3-Gun. He is a four-time World Champion, 13-time National Champion, the only Triple Crown winner in Action Shooting Sports and has 600+ (and counting) local and regional shooting competitions. A devoted husband and father, Jake has formal degrees in sports medicine and youth ministry. 007-A444003 | Sierra. Bullets. Electronics. I guess the online reloading center is more efficient anyway and the data there is the same as in the magazine but I liked to keep them handy for reference and occasionally use them to talk myself into a new caliber ruling from my throne. Using bullets from Hornady SST or BTSP, Hornady ELD-X. The Hodgdon shop is closed until 2 January so I am stuck for now. This tells me that the burn rate chart accurately predicts the relative behavior of the powders in the cartridge in question. R22 has been great in 7mm Mag and 270 Win. All rights reserved. 28 nosler (new!) Is neck turning a waste of time and effort? I would call Hodgdon and ask. SAAMI . SO, anybody loaded the 270 WSM with Superformance yet? Currently Jake has over 65 top three podium finishes in the last four years, another record! Superformance delivers striking velocities in cartridges like the 22-250 Remington, 243 Winchester and 300 Winchester Short Magnum. Good info thanks for sharing. bullets. I actually found two handloads that were posted in a reloader forum on another site and I might try those (starting way low of course and working up) but they both posted loads for 130grain bullets with one using 67.2 grains of powder and the other used 65.5 grains for velocities that were 3210 and 3170 respectively. If I could use the 4 pounds of powder I bought for both calibers that would certainly be a plus, especially with the scarcity of powder around here. Messages. 7 mm-08 Remington.284 Winchester. ALL, more economical than the dubious 65.0gr in an '06 case. The C.I.P. Primer used was 215M, powder charge 58gr of Superformance, and COL was 3.203 in. Phillip is a 10-year Marine Corps veteran having served his whole career in the Scout Sniper community. Any help out there? Anyone load any 270WSM with the Hornady superformance powder? .270 (19).270 Weatherby Magnum (5).270 WSM (5).28 Nosler (3).280 Rem (1).280 Rem Ackley Imp (2) He is also a noted TV personality, regularly appearing on TV programs Shooting USA. 01-18-2011, 09:31 AM #4 Colorado Cajun. H4350 is also good with 130 and 140 grain bullets. She has been named as a co-host on Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel. pressure specifications at the ammunition manufacturing plants and at C.I.P. Superformance 51.5 2762 57.2 3082 H4831SC 54.3 2736 60.3C 3018 IMR 4831 50.1 2712 55.6C 3009 Supreme 780 52.4 2715 58.2C 3026 Powder Minimum Maximum Charge (grains) Velocity (fps) Charge It's easy! Brian now competes in both the PRS and NRL Pro series. Theres data for 300wsm but not the 270WSM. I actually found two handloads that were posted in a reloader forum on another site and I might try those (starting way low of course and working up) but they both posted loads for 130grain bullets with one using 67.2 grains of powder and the other used 65.5 grains for velocities that were 3210 and 3170 respectively. All of them are asking their parents for shotshell presses now. Dies. 270 WSM 145 gr ELD-X Precision Hunter . accredited Proof Houses. Posts: 588 Hornady just . You can see their data here. Her assignments included Patrol, Street Crimes, Narcotics, and Gangs. My concern is powder and loading for the pair of guns. I'll let you guys know how it turns out. Reloading and Firearms . Components. During his time, Phillip completed 4 overseas deployments and served in all billets available to a Scout Sniper, to include Scout Sniper Team Leader, Chief Scout Sniper, and Scout Sniper Instructor. Hodgdon Hornady Superformance Powder in stock now for sale was developed to for rifle shooters that reload for the 22-250 Remington, 243 Winchester, 300 Ruger Compact Magnum (RCM) and the 300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) and others (see below). I will say the same Barnes non-lead factory ammo shoots great from my .243, but the Tika and .270 much prefer the factory GMX. 2019 Alabama Precision Long Range Challenge 5th, 2021 Alabama Precision Long Range Classic 3rd. We use cookies to make your experience better. After graduating college, Ryan moved to Tulsa, OK to take a position as a plastics engineer and in 2011 began shooting 3-Gun competitively. Phillip is also well known as a nationally ranked precision rifle competitor in the Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League circuits. That's only my experience. Gear Bags. Nick Harvey is one of the world's most experienced and knowledgeable gun writers, a true legend of the business. Hornady Manufacturing Company Ladedaten im Kaliber .270 WSM. Sierra lists 5 other powders that you can squeeze another 100 F.P.S at maximum charges. There was no head expansion, and primer flattening was no different than seen on factory ammo, and there was no problem with extraction. Chronograph used was Oehler three screen. To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies. Looking for a starting point being I have a jug of it. Dianna Muller earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Psychology from University of Central Missouri and retired from the Tulsa Police Department after 22 years of service. Reloading. There have been some top 10 ELR finishes as well but I dont remember the specifics. I get over 3100 with a 123 gr. I also have a chronograph which helps. Bottom line, Superformance achieves superb velocities in the .270 Win that are very close to those seen in .270 WSM Barnes Vortex ammo. I've never used Reloader powders. Targeted velocities are well in excess of 100 fps over the best published handloads and even larger gains over factory ammunition! A couple months later, Zach shot USAYESS competition in Grand Island. find load data for your cartridge. Hornady Superformance Powder for .270 Win??? I've tried a couple and have gotten good accuracy but not the velocity to go with it. Accubond Long Range bullet from Dallen's 2013 Utah . As parent case of .270 Win was chosen famous war proven .30-06 Springfield . I have plenty of other guns to hunt with so that isn't an issue but I wanted to play with my new toys and I can't till I get some data for the 270 WSM and Superformance. Jun 28, 2017. Dianna currently competes in the role of Captain for Team Benelli. Thanks for the input but check the post, I did buy a 300 WSM but I also bought a 270 WSM and I wanted to be able to load both rifles with the same powder if possible. Shotgun. He harvested his first turkey and whitetail deer at age 5 and completed his turkey grand slam by age 11. #3. Ryan and Dianna continue to not only compete, but train and film all over the country. I plan to shoot 140 grain Accubonds because I have a huge stash but if not I can also load up some 130gr SST's. The slow burning spherical powders pack more densely, so the longer bullets do not compress the powder as much at larger powder charges. 270 WSM: 270 WSM LOAD DATA: TWIST 1: 10: PRIMER: BARREL LENGTH: 28: BULLET WEIGHT: BULLET TYPE: SEAT DEPTH: PROPELLANT: GR: FPS: 136: Peregrine RangeMaster Bullet: S 385: Start gr: Start FPS: Opt gr: 58.00: Opt FPS: 3150: Max gr: Max FPS: Disclaimer: Reloading can be dangerous as equipment differs and our published data can not take into . (Please refer to out " Reloading Tips " for proper measurement techniques) If possible, we recommend that you determine the COAL of your rifle, and load your bullets at 1mm short of the lands. Case head expansion was compared to Federal factory 140 grain load and in both instances increased by 0.001 in. Not that I have found yet. Disclaimer: Links on this website go to affiliate websites, which means we get a commission if you . Surprisingly Hornady's 130gn GMX Superformance loading factory data, has the Superformance load for the standard .270 driving the . The COAL stated is this table is according to the SAAMI specification. Was wondering if I could take the 300wsm info and scale it down based on H20 capacity vs recommended load? 270 Winchester 140 Grain (SST) Super Shock Tipped Superformance 20 Rounds. Rifle. H4350 is a good choice for handloading the .300 WSM, and it performed well with Terminal Ascent 175-gr. Well we are going out this afternoon and I will let you all know what I find out. In her free time, she shoots in NRL22 club matches around the Kansas City area, where she lives with her husband Shane and where she works as a pharmacist. All I really have for data is the advertising but Hodgdon has touted their Extreme powders for years as the most temperature tolerant of all powders averaging less than 5-10 fps difference in temps from 0 - 125 degrees. Any info would be appreciated. When Wyatts not hunting or fishing he loves competing in rodeos and roping off of his horse, General. All but 2-3 of those are with handloadedammo. It may be all BS but Hodgdon has advertised this for years and they own IMR powders and don't give them a break either. Regina Milkovich has been the leading female in precision rifle shooting since she first picked up a rifle in 2009. what happened to oleg penkovsky wife and child, where i'm standing now chords,

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